Defining Your Own Precious Unique Diet Blogging Voice – Day 2 of 5 of Making Your Diet Blog Money-worthy

Why hello there!

So nice to see you for Day Two of Diet Blogging Delights!  To be honest with you, I really don't quite know if this style will be something I repeat, but so far…it's lots of fun indeed.

Thus, let's get to it right now!


Yesterday, I regaled you with the utter magnificence of Zeroing In On A Profitable Diet Niche – Day 1 of 5 of Making Your Diet Blog Profitable.  Guaranteed to make you weep profound tears of undying admiration, it focused upon how you would start your diet blogging by first finding a specific niche.

Today, let's dive into the age-old opportunity for massive amounts of grey hair:

Defining Your Own Unique Diet Blogging Voice!

What's that?

What do I mean?

You mean, what *do*….I….mean?

Why, of course, I mean making your writing style soooo incredibly amazing that you stand out, head and shoulders, from the thundering herd!

And amazingly enough…it's not that difficult to do.

Not difficult, that is…if you dare to believe in yourself and sing your own song!

And here's how.

NOTE!Step 1.)  Ask yourself – what *is* my own style?

Are you shy and quiet and retiring and no-nonsense like me?

Are you instead bold and extreme and manly like John?

Perhaps you're laid back and have a persona like a woodsman calmly whittlin' away at his custom furniture like Allan!

Whatever it is you are…'s *you*.

And it's something nobody else can replace!

Thus, if you're in-your-face, well then….*write* like you're in-your-face.

And if you're genteel and upper-class and socially godlike….*write* like you're genteel and upper-class and socially godlike!

In other words…

Do *not* try to be something…you're not.

Because when you fake yourself, you end up getting either bored or annoyed or angsty like an emo kid or….you get the idea.

And then you peter out and your diet blog dies a whimpering death.  Uncool to the extreme!

NOTE!Step 2.)  Once you've zeroed in on your style, ask yourself – "How can I apply this to my diet blog?"

Alas, 'tis a sad fact of life that many weight-loss wannabees want people to feel sorry for them.

And if your style is "oh poor you!" you might tend to appeal to bunches more of your audience.

But think about it….not everyone is that pathetic ("Oooooo, woe is me that I open my mouth and eat eat eat!").  Some people enjoy being smacked upside the head regarding when they drop the dieting ball. 

Thus, you should be able to write about *anything* regarding your specific diet niche…with your own unique blogging voice as well.

Need some resources to find your own unique blogging voice?  Check out:

And then finally:

NOTE!Step 3.)  Give yourself *permission* to shine

You know…so many people miss out on this most critical of steps.

It's all very well and good to say, "Jeepers!  I'm going to create the most stunning diet blog out there!"

But then when push comes to shove and it's time to actually start producing quality content…..doubts start to creep in.

You start to second-guess yourself.

You ask yourself:

"Will people laugh at me?"

Or maybe:

"Will people ignore me?"

Or even:

"Am I important enough to share my thoughts?"

I'm here to tell you….


You might not be a run-away sensation from the very first post you make…but after all, Rome was *not* built in a nanosecond.

Unless, of course, you ran the "Build Rome Yesterday" program.

But I digress.  🙂

Give yourself permission to learn and grow and shine! 

Because when you are not afraid to take chances…you're opening up possibilities that never existed before.

So take advantage of them, aye?

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

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